Knee Pain? New Physio led class is here!

Sydney Elite Health Group’s “Making Strides” small group exercise rehab classes are specifically designed for patients with chronic knee pain.

  • Each patient is individually assessed by our physiotherapist prior to participating in the program. This includes functional outcome measures and the development of functional goals for each participant. Book for your Making Strides initial appointment now with our Physiotherapist Irene Leithhead.
  • Our classes run for 50 minutes, open to a maximum of three participants and are led by a qualified physiotherapist. The program includes exercises for flexibility, aerobic conditioning and strength.
  • The group dynamic allows for informal discussion of issues such as pain, fatigue, pacing and sleeping patterns, but with accurate information regarding these issues being presented by the supervising therapist.
  • Rebates are available thought Private Health Insurance.
  • Doctors directly referring to the program (GP, Orthopod or Sports Physician) will receive regular updates from Sydney Elite with regard to patient attendance and progress.

If you have any further questions, please email