We have been kindly nominated for the 2020 St George Business Awards, and your vote goes toward Sydney Elite Health Group in the category of Health Improvement Services. Our Kogarah clinic boasts a functional movement and sports conditioning area as well as multiple treatment rooms. We have a team of health professionals that can help you with pain, dysfunction, nutrition and your mind. Together providing a holistic and evidenced based approach to health care.
With construction works completed, we would like to thank all of our clients for still supporting us through the renovations. We are now able to welcome all of our clients through our new front door! So get booking for all of your massage therapy, nutritional support and physiotherapy needs.
Sydney Elite Health Group’s “Making Strides” small group exercise rehab classes are specifically designed for patients with chronic knee pain.
Every year, on the 8th of September, World Physical Therapy Day is celebrated – or for us in Australia – World Physiotherapy Day. The theme for this year’s day is Chronic Pain, and it is a great time to reflect on the role that physiotherapy has in the raising awareness about the crucial contribution the profession makes to keeping people well, mobile and independent.  Let’s consider a number of statements, supported by scientific research, that concern low back pain:
Most of us would have experienced how powerful touch can be. It can have an immediate affect on your mind and body. When a baby cries, the parent will pick up their bub, giving it a cuddle that soothes and comforts. When we suffer from a headache, we will place our hands on our head and rub the area. We do these things almost without thought.  
With 11 Matildas caps and 130 W-League appearances under her belt, Teresa Polias is a hardworking defensive midfielder who loves the intensity of competing. Recently voted Sydney FC Womens Player of Season for 2019, all of the planning, training and dedication proves that success comes to those who work for it! Name: Teresa Polias Profession: Primary School Teacher Sport: Football Team: Sydney FC Position: Centre Midfield
Australia’s No.1 Secondary Government school of 2018 partners with Sydney Elite to get even more out of their students! Endeavour Sports High School has partnered with Sydney Elite Massage Therapy to add to their already professional educators and sports medicine team for the Targeted Sports Program!
Anthony Kaleel explains how he and former business partner Georgette Stephens, came up with their business name and what he believes the word ELITE means.  
The Sydney Elite Massage Therapy team are driven to help improve the health and wellness for all of our clients - no matter their vocation, activity preference or athletic ability. This month we’re stepping out of the clinic and into the local community, supporting organisations that have a positive impact on society. This fills us with pride and a sense of togetherness.
What is a trigger point? Muscles are made of up of fibres, called sarcomeres, that overlap each other. When the sarcomeres contract, they attach to the adjacent fibres and pull, resulting in movement of the muscle. To release this movement the sarcomeres let go of their hold on the adjacent fibres and the contraction stops. A knot, or more accurately a trigger point, is formed when the sarcomeres are constantly firing, or 'switched on'. It can feel like a nodule or knot in the muscle when felt through the skin and can refer pain beyond the knot itself.